About Us

We have been working together as a team for around ten years now delivering high-quality LAN gaming events around the UK as well as working on a number of projects for a range of other clients involved in gaming and other fields.

During this time, we have built up lots of experience and resources to be able to offer our services out to a wider market whether it is through our software range or our consultancy services such as event management.

Whatever your project, we will work with you from concept to delivery to ensure its success.

“The epic staff are indeed epic – no matter what’s going on, they are always happy to help, friendly & cheerful. Bravo guys.”
“The staff were beyond amazing, such level-headed people and always willing to help!”
“The staff – brilliant people with the right attitude and the right mindset.”
epic.LAN Event Feedback


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  • Gaming

  • Software

  • Event Management

  • Community Management

  • Networking

  • Marketing & Social Media

Our Mission

Our mission started off to create our own events, and the word “epic” really summed up our aspirations.

Gaming was our main focus, but as our reputation has grown, we’ve found more and more people wanting to get involved with us to make their activities more epic too.

Whether we’re running your event, developing a software product, looking after your marketing or community management needs, running a tournament for you, setting up a network for you, or just giving you a bit of advice, whatever we do, we want to make it epic.